We are specialized in production for third parties

Project support

The customer is guided through realizing a concept from an idea, creating a project and choice of materials.

Realization of a prototype

We realize the prototype in real proportions and dimensions with rigid internal structure in wood or other materials.

Modeling and 3D scan

The modeling and scanning of a physical model allows us to have a 3D file useful for studying different shapes, creating technical drawings and making renderings.

Definition of the fabric details

The definition of upholstery specifications allows us, together with the customer, to choose the fastening elements, elastic belts and springs, and density / comfort of all the parts.

Creation of the metal frames and welding jigs

In each project we test different versions of inserts in various materials to make the internal structure of each seat robust and light. From the final insert we make the welding mask.

Creation of models and resin moulds

The model is created manually or by CNC machining. From this we get the mold in epoxy or aluminum. 

Moulding of polyurethane and finishing

After the polyurethane molding, the foamed products are carefully finished.

Quality control and shipping

At the end of the process, after the quality control, the foamed products are packed and shipped to the customer.

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