The factory was founded in 1998, under the name Cyberplast Srl. For some years the company is dedicated to the regeneration of plastic materials. Later on the changes and the new requests from the market led the company to start with the molding of flexible polyurethane.

The aim to improve the finishing and the characteristics of the final products lead the company to implement the moulding of  the integral polyurethane and the polyurethane gel.

Starting from 2013, CS and Cyberplast have joined their experiences to create a new company, which offers innovative solutions, in terms of new materials, offering diverses solutions to several sectors: Bathroom, furniture, hairdressers, medical and nautical industry.

The new headquarter was inaugurated the 10.05.2019;
below the photos of the day.


The company Cyberplast srl was founded


The production of flexible polyurethane foam starts


CS is involved in the moulding of polyurethane


CS and Cyberplast join their experieces


Inauguration of the new headquarters